Crystals and their shapes

Crystals and their shapes

There are hundred's of different crystals, with hundred's of uses and tonnes of different formations. The different formation shapes of crystals project their energy in different ways. 


PointCrystal points can be created natural or artificially - and are GREAT for meditation and for the reduction of an emotion. You can do this by using the small point and facing it towards your body, this directs new energies inward. 





ClusterClusters are crystals with multiple points - they are to crystals what speakers are to sound, MASSIVE amplifiers, which means these are great for clearing rooms. 


BallCrystal balls have been traditionally used by those who foretell the future; but don't be put off. These beautifully perfect crystals can be used to heighten intuition and emit energy in the most balanced state of all formations. 


PyramidThese are used similarly to point formations, helping to direct energy either towards or away from you; the difference is their large base that helps it to move a large amount of energy to its point. 


WandNo we arn't talking Harry Potter wooden wands that are shooting lightning out the end - although crystals wands can sometimes feel like this ;) A wand draws in its own energy, the energy of the universe and of its holder and radiates this through the tip of the wand - so be careful where you point that thing!


GeodeGeodes are hollow rocks with an internal cavity that are lined with crystals that were formed when masses of mineral matter were trapped inside and crystallised over time. Fantastic for cleansing and recharging a space and helping with balancing moods and energy levels.