Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is the peak of the 28-day lunar cycle, bringing with it lots of lunar energy that you can cultivate. Once the moon reaches its peak, all that energy has built up over two weeks since the new moon, manifesting as a full moon.

This is the perfect time to release, manifest or simply take some time to reconnect with yourself. By doing rituals on or around the full moon, you're both amplifying the effects of your rituals through the moon's energy, as well as working with the natural rhythms of the lunar cycle.

If you've ever felt like full moons disrupt your sleep or cause you to feel a bit frantic, you wouldn't be alone. In fact, one study published in the journal Current Biology discovered it took people longer to fall asleep as the full moon approached. And on the night of the full moon, they spent 30% less time in deep sleep, had lower melatonin levels, and slept for 20 fewer minutes, on average.

As author of Inner Witch and Bewitching the Elements Gabriela Herstik puts it, "It's like you're plugging into the energetic outlet of the universe" around the full moon. "It's a very intense time. The moon teaches us about how things transform, and the full moon is the peak."

Here's some rituals you can try: 


Before starting any sort of ritual or diving into your feelings, start by meditating. That might be sitting in mindful meditation, simply focusing on your breathing for a few minutes, doing yoga, gazing at the moon or even going for a silent moon walk. This helps centre yourself, helps you to hear your inner self, and reflect clarly. 

Let go. 

A full moon is the best time to take a moment to reflect on the things that you want to let go of. This can be situations, feelings, people, habits, thoughts, past trauma, whatever it may be, write them all down on a peice of paper. Start each one with "I release..." or "I let go of..." 
When you finish, read the list outloud to the moon. Visual the feeling each one holds over you. 
Then burn the paper. As it burns, take long exhales and visualise all these things being removed from your life. 

Make moon water.

Take a bit of the moons cleansing energy with you by making "moon water" infused with the light of the full moon.
First, fill up a cup or bowl of water and leave it out overnight, beneath the moonlight. Feel free to add herbs, flower petals, or healing crystals to the water. In the morning, the water will be infused with "full moon energy". Moon water's uses are flexible: You can use it to wash your face, wash your plants, incorporate it into your bath, or however you see fit.

Take a bath.

According to astrologers, the full moon is an ideal time to take a relaxing bath. Some people recommend adding high-quality Epsom salt to the tub. You're getting rid of all your resentment, bitterness, jealousy—and the salt just draws it out. And, even though that's not exactly scientifically sound, there are skincare benefits of a salt soak.

Pull an oracle card.

Following the healing and release work, pulls an oracle card to see how it guides you in the days to come. Unlike tarot cards, oracle cards require no previous knowledge to use. Each card is accompanied by a clear message. With themes ranging from animals to angels, there's an oracle deck for everyone who is interested.

Charge your crystals.

Before going to sleep, place your crystals, tarot decks, and oracle decks outside or on the window sill. Let them sit overnight under the light of the full moon. The full moon energy is beautiful for recharging and cleansing your crystals.

Smoke Cleanse.

Cleanse negative energy from your home. When burned, incense and herbs emit a smoke known to release toxic, stagnant energies. A full moon night is a perfect time to ceremoniously clear away bad vibes lingering around your home, your electronic devices, or around you.

While full moons can be an emotional and intense time, when we understand how to work with them, we're able to live in tune with their rhythms and harness their power. This fun ritual list can help you get started.