How to use the power of crystals every day

How to use the power of crystals every day

If you have ever had the thought that you are not quite sure 'what' to do with your crystals, and you are drawn to having them with you, then these quick tips are just the thing you need get connected to the power of your crystals.

While once upon a time, the idea of using crystals to improve your life would have been thought of as witchcraft or downright “woo-woo,” more and more people are open to the idea of using stones to harness energy. Gems are suitable for any age group, whether it's curious children, those reaching retirement age, and anyone in between.

Everyone if different with how they are drawn to crystals, some may just feel comforted by them being near them, as others may be drawn to holding them when feeling certain emotions or during times in their lives. 

Here are some simple ways to harness the power of your crystals...

Sleep With a Crystal Under Your Pillow
One of the most straightforward ways to unlock the power of healing crystals is to put one under your pillow when you sleep. Many people swear by the effect they have on sleep and insist they increase the intensity and content of their dreams.

You may find that crystals change your sleep quality so much that you forget how you managed to sleep without them before. If under your pillow doesn't work for you, you can try placing one on your nightstand. Give it a try!

Create an Altar
One of the best ways to unlock crystal magic is to create an altar. An altar can be any surface in your home that is clear of other objects and can be used as your sacred space. Add crystals, and other sentimental objects that create a sense of peace and intention.

Every time you visit your spiritual altar, say a prayer and create a space for meditation and manifestation. You'll find that your entire home's energy starts to shift.

Use Crystals During Yoga
For years, people have been using healing stones to enhance their yoga experience. You can place them around your yoga mat to notice an increase in your state of relaxation and total focus.

The more crystals you add, the better. Don't be afraid to try out different kinds, from Rose Quartz to Amethyst or any others that speak to you. There are all sorts of different stones that can shift your yoga practice for the better.

Place Crystals on Your Chakras
Laying down and placing crystals on each chakras can increase your overall positive energy, and align all of your chakras. Since crystals come from the earth, they connect us to its origins, making us feel more grounded, at peace, and ultimately more connected to the world around us.

Add Crystals to Your Bath Routine
Bath time is a time for relaxation and getting in touch with your thoughts. Adding crystals to the side of your bathtub is a wonderful way to achieve ultimate relaxation, and even add beauty to your tub.

*Quick note: be sure to check your crystal is safe to put in water, as some can be damaged due to contact with water (a little tip: any crystal ending in 'ite' cannot be put in water)

Many people even use tumbled stones to smooth their faces fine lines and wrinkles when they get out of the bath. It's as simple as rinsing off your stones, and putting your favourite serum on your face as you gently massage with a stone of your choice.

There are so many ways to use crystals to access their amazing powers. We've only touched the surface here. Share in the comments below, how you use your crystals day to day.