Our Story

JOY noun;

1. the emotion evoked by wellbeing, success or good fortune
2. A state of happiness
3. A source or cause of delight

Or in my case, my middle name, passed down from my Great Grandmother.
I am Ryley, the Founder of The Joy Society by Ryley.

So how did we get here?
I was raised in the outer suburbs of Brisbane and come from a modern family and home. I grew up watching cartoons, running or riding my bike & "making things" with sticks, dirt and water in our backyard.

In my early 20's, crystals became a natural interest for after finding my love for yoga, meditation and mindfulness. After falling in love with their magic & guidance, I noticed that most market stalls & shops were always stocking the same sort of crystal & could never tell me where it came from. 

So in 2020, I decided to start my own business, where every product is chosen or made with 100% intention. It is not my goal to provide another crystal shop stock 1000's of the same crystal, I want to provide you with unique, one of kind, hard to find & ethically used products. 

We want to share the beauty of crystals with as many people as we can, hoping they can bring their new owners, love, happiness, guidance and most of all joy.