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The Joy Society by Ryley

Anandalite Quartz Cluster 1

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Only two Anandalite Quartz clusters available! Both literally glitter in the light and are unique in shape and colours. 

Anandalite is a kind of quartz crystal that is not only beautiful in appearance but also has a remarkably high healing energy that has the potential to turn one’s life around.

  • To achieve a state of bliss.
  • The crystal works closely with your heart chakra
  • will bring you great joy, satisfaction, and comfort.
  • the stone can strengthen your heart, making you physically and emotionally stronger


How to use:

When you use it for relaxation techniques, like meditation, the stone will ease your journey towards the meditative state while making sure that you do not get overwhelmed by your surroundings, no matter how chaotic they may be.

Keeping the stone in your environment simply removes any blockages or toxic forces within your surroundings that are causing the noise that keeps you from hearing your inner self.


Length: 13cm

Weight: roughly 800g

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