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The Joy Society by Ryley

Protection Sage Cleansing Bundle

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Hand made sage cleansing bundle to protect from negativity and unwanted energies. 

Price is for one bundle, which includes Mugwort, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Dill, in season florals & hand chosen Smoky Quartz crystal. *

All items in this bundle are grown locally & ethically sourced. 🤍

Mugwort: Mugwort is a plant that is native to Northern Europe; also parts of Asia & North America. Often regarded as the traveller's friend, Mugwort is used to promote physical wellbeing, endurance & protection. Native American tribes used mugwort leaves to rub on one’s body as protection from ghosts.

Rosemary: Used in traditional European protection rituals, Rosemary was commonly placed at windows to protect homes from witches & to stop faeries from stealing their children. During the plague, the burning of rosemary dependably cleared the air & prevented airborne infections. 

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is used for protection, healing and spiritual cleansing. It is especially good for ridding a person or a space from bad habits, negative energies and giving a bracing fresh new start. 

Dill: Dill is primarily used as a protection herb, either hanging in doorways or burning it during a ritual. It is magically powered to aid in romantic love, everyday protection and abundance. It helps to open the third eye and sacral chakra. 

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is a very protective stone. It brings negative energies into the light, and then gently dissolves them, allowing everyone involved to work through difficult situations.

    approximately 10cm

    Please note:

    • Healing and other properties given are for information purposes only and should not be used to replace medical advice or treatment.
    • Always use caution when burning sage and/or Palo Santo sticks, they are hot and will burn the skin and holes in the fabric.
    • Some flowers are flammable so use caution when first lighting, we recommend to do it over a sink to let the flowers burn and fall off before moving around the area. 
    • If you are pregnant or nursing consults a physician before using smudge sticks.
    • Keep unlit and burning smudge sticks away from children and pets. Curiosity can lead to accidents and injury.
    • Burn smudge sticks in a ventilated area.

    *Florals that are in season will be included in your bundle, so they may differ from pictures.
    Some of the herbs & florals may have been dried for longer periods and may differ in colour from pictures. 
    Each smoky quartz cluster crystal is unique and may differ in size compared to pictures. 

    • Ethically Sourced

      We take pride in practising conscious consumerism through environmental sustainability, fair trade, and ethical business practises by choosing suppliers who have these same values.

    • Eco Friendly Packaging

      Every order is packed using biodegradable packaging, making it easy to reuse or dispose. You will also notice your package won't be filled with pieces of paper with quotes & meanings.
      Instead, check out our Crystal Dictionary

    • Cleansing

      All products stocked at TJS are charged under every full moon and smoke cleansed when being packaged, so they will arrive to you ready to have your energy and intentions set to them.