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The Joy Society by Ryley

Pyrite Double Terminated Wire Wrap Necklace

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Pyrite double terminated crystal, wrapped in wire on either 18" gold chain or 55cm Black Leather.
  • Pyrite reflects the energy of Gold, bringing success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power
  • It’s energies directly resonate with the solar plexus chakra that activates one's personal will. 
  • This mineral is also very powerful when it comes to manifestation. 
  • Pyrite is here to keep you focused 
  • At its heart, Pyrite is all about protection. It’s a stone that wants to shield and protect its wearer in every way possible. Whether keeping you safe from emotional vamps or protecting you from psychic attacks, cutting through negative vibrations, clearing EMF smog or simply stopping those toxic thought patterns from running through your head, Pyrite is ever eager to keep you pure. 
  • It encourages strength and leadership qualities, inviting you to step up to your own potential because your willpower and well-being are ever in check.

How to use:

Meditating with a piece of Pyrite, or simply carrying around a stone daily can have a dramatic effect on your life. Meditating with Pyrite helps activate its powers which then transfer directly to you.


Length: approx 5cm

Weight: 15 grams

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